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Where we bring hope to life by providing comprehensive sperm donation services for individuals and couples eager to start or grow their families. As a leading fertility partner, our mission is to fulfill dreams and make the journey to parenthood a joyful and rewarding experience.

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Conception Sperm Donation (CSD) recruits young healthy males with normal sperm who fulfil specific screening criteria. The selection and testing of donors involve consultations with fertility specialists, psychological assessments, and laboratory testing (sperm tests and infectious screening).

CSD offers two categories of donors, CSD and CSD-Plus.
The difference between the 2 categories of donors; is the level of testing. Before a candidate can become a donor he must undergo screening and testing. This screening happens at our facility and is performed by our medical team. Our donors are also pre-screened by our sperm donor coordinators, before the medical screening takes place. Once they have passed the screening process, which includes psychological assessment, our donors undergo the following tests.

Gamete donation is anonymous, and donors donate for altruistic reasons. The extensive profiles provide information on the donor’s medical history, physical descriptions, education, personal interests, personality, and childhood photos.

For more information on selecting a sperm donor through CSD, contact us on
info@conceptionspermdonation.co.za or WhatsApp us on +27837616961.


When you’re not one of the lucky ones who can take fertility for granted, having your child could be difficult, or even impossible, without the help of a donor.

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Conception Sperm Donation (CSD) offers you the opportunity to become a sperm donor to people who are unable to conceive naturally. As a donor, you must be between the ages of 19 and 35 and undergo a semen analysis, psychological assessment and infectious screening, and selective genetic screening. Donations are anonymous, and you will not pay for any tests associated with the process. High quality samples will be frozen and stored in our sperm bank, for use by intended parents. We request that you donate exclusively at one institution only, as this allows for the accurate keeping of records. There is a limit of six (6) live births allowed from your sperm donation. Donors are compensated for their time once the donation process is complete.

For more information on becoming a sperm donor, contact Conception Sperm Donation at info@conceptionspermdonation.co.za or WhatsApp us on +27837616961


Sperm donation is anonymous, and under current law your identity may not be disclosed to the recipient. You will be reimbursed for your time and travel costs, and will not pay for any tests associated with the process.


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